Alba Series

Alba Series

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Alba, the heroine, has been shrunk to 10cm tall by a corrupt scientist determined to own the last apple pip in the world. Join her in her adventures as she crosses the city to get the last pip safely to her Dad.

An exciting series of 12 books for older readers with gaps in their phonic knowledge. This series starts with a quick recap of adjacent constants (CVCC, CCVC, and CCVCC) and of the constant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, and ng. Consonant digraphs are introduced a few at a time as the reader will have already learned them. The series then introduces a few alternative spellings for vowel sounds (e. g. the spellings ai, ay, a-e, and ea for the sounds 'ae'). These books follow the same phonic progression as the popular Totem Series and can be used along side Totem for further practise. 

Interest age 8-14.
Book 1 Lost cvcc  cvcc
Book 2 The Pan cvc  cvcc  ccvc
Book 3 Alba Slips up cvc  cvcc  ccvc  ccvcc
Book 4 Hot Chips for Lunch sh  ch  th
Book 5 A Bit of Luck ck  ng  qu  wh
Book 6 A Brave Escape ai  ay  a-e a
Book 7 Apple Trees ee  ea  e  y ey
Book 8 The Long Road Home o-e  ow  oa  o
Book 9 Supper er  ir  ur
Book 10 Howling Wind ow  ou
Book 11 River Flight igh  i-e  y  i
Book 12 The Truth oo  ew  u-e  u

Complete your set with the practical workbook, containing activities relating to the Alba Series books. It is photocopiable and has activities for segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension.