Amber Guardians Series

Amber Guardians Series

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Interest Age 8 - 14 years

These ten books bridge the gap between our structured reading series and mainstream reading. Each of the exciting 26-page stories in this quest series is carefully written to motivate older readers and build reading stamina. With a higher ratio of text to illustration, these stories allow the reader to make the important step towards understanding meaning purely from text.

Amber Guardians features Finn, a well-known character from our Magic Belt Series, as well as introducing new and exciting companions on his latest quest.

  • Higher text-to-illustration ratio
  • Age-appropriate illustrations and story lines that engage and encourage the pupil to read on
  • Focuses on reading, spelling and comprehension
  • Enhances vocabulary development
  • Reader-friendly layout
The books in this series are:

Book 1: City of Secrets - suffixes s, es, ed, ing
Book 2: The Bones of Ruin - suffixes ful, less, ness, er, est, ly, en, ish, y, able, ible
Book 3: Into the Unknown - prefixes un, in, im, ir, dis, mis
Book 4: Roots of Corruption - prefixes that relate to time, such as re and pre
Book 5: Trials and Trickery - prefixes that relate to number, such as uni, tri, and quad
Book 6: Impossible Transformation - prefixes that relate to prepositions, such as super
Book 7: Facing Fears - prefixes that relate to size, such as magna, mini, and micro
Book 8: Bounty in the Lagoon - root words that relate to parts of the body and life, such as cap, man, spec, and viv
Book 9: Sounds of the Sirens - root words that relat to memory, such as mem
Book 10: Guardians Unite - root words hat relate to actions, such as ject, tract, struct, labour, fact, and form


The Amber Guardians workbook can be purchased separately and contains photocopiable activities for each story. Includes creative activities, such as sentence matching and writing, spelling activities, games and revision exercises.