Catch-Up Readers Bundle 4 - The Consolidation Bundle 1

Catch-Up Readers Bundle 4 - The Consolidation Bundle 1

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The SPELD Victoria Bookstore now offers an excellent range of classroom bundles which include multiple copies of each book in the series. These bundles are designed for use in classrooms for reading groups, intervention programs, or as take-home readers. These bundles make it easy for teachers to ensure that all students have access to high quality reading materials at the right level.

This bundle contains three (3) sets of the Titan's Gauntlets!, Talisman 2, and Amber Guardians series (90 readers in total) along with one (1) of each of the corresponding, photocopiable workbooks (three workbooks in total).  
Titan's Gauntlets

Titan's Gauntlets is a set of ten imaginative stories with fantastic illustrations, which introduce further alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes. This series follows on from the Talisman 1 Series and offers increasingly challenging texts for children who are coming to grips with the complex spellings of English, and will stimulate and engage the older, struggling reader.
Book 1 -  An Unusal Discovery  -  u, ue, u-e
Book 2 - A Time for Courage  -  u, o, uo
Book 3 - Sceptre of Malice  -  ss, se, c, ce
Book 4 - The Coral Palace  -  l, ll, le, al
Book 5 - Strange Energy  -  j, g, ge
Book 6 - Phantoms of the Fog -  f, ff, ph
Book 7 - Unnatural Creatures -  ture
Book 8 - A Strange Location - tion
Book 9 - Artificial Heart  - tial, cial
Book 10 - Shattered Illusions -  sion

The Titan's Gauntlets workbook contains photocopiable reading, spelling and comprehension activities for each of the stories.


Talisman Series 2 

The Talisman 2 series focuses on more complex spelling patterns that have not yet been covered. The mystical stories have been set out in a way that will engage children between the ages of 8 - 14 and are designed to appeal to older, reluctant readers.

Sounds covered include:
Book 1:  Reunited  -  u-e, ue, ew, u
Book 2:  Trouble in the Woods  -   'u'; ou, o, u, 'o': a, o, ou
Book 3:  Certain Death  -  s, ss, c, ce,se, sc, st
Book 4:  The Fossil  -  l, ll,le, il, al, ol, el
Book 5:  Legends of the Gorge  -  j, g, ge, dge, dj
Book 6:  The Sphinx  -  f, ff, gh, ph
Book 7:  Sticky Adventure -  ture
Book 8:  Dangerous Direction  -  tion, ssion, tian, sion, cian
Book 9:  Zak Tries Martial Arts -  cial, tial, tious, cious, ious
Book 10: The Dark Monter's Vision  -  sion

The Talisman 2 series workbook contains photocopiable reading, spelling and comprehension activities for each of the stories.


Amber Guardians

Amber Guardians features Finn, a well-known character from our Magic Belt Series, as well as introducing new and exciting companions on his latest quest.

These ten books bridge the gap between our structured reading series and mainstream reading. Each of the exciting 26-page stories in this quest series is carefully written to motivate older readers and build reading stamina. With a higher ratio of text to illustration, these stories allow the reader to make the important step towards understanding meaning purely from text.

Amber Guardians includes: 
  • Higher text-to-illustration ratio
  • Age-appropriate illustrations and story lines that engage and encourage the pupil to read on
  • A focus on reading, spelling and comprehension
  • Enhanced vocabulary development
  • Reader-friendly layout

The Amber Guardians workbook contains photocopiable activities for each story and includes creative activities, such as sentence matching and writing, spelling activities, games and revision exercises.