Catch-Up Readers Bundle 6 - Adventure Collection Bundle 1

Catch-Up Readers Bundle 6 - Adventure Collection Bundle 1

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The SPELD Victoria Bookstore now offers an excellent range of classroom bundles which include multiple copies of each book in the series. These bundles are designed for use in classrooms for reading groups, intervention programs, or as take-home readers. These bundles make it easy for teachers to ensure that all students have access to high quality reading materials at the right level.

This bundle contains three (3) sets of the That Dog!, Alba, Rescue & Titan's Gauntlets series (132 readers in total) along with one (1) of each of the corresponding, photocopiable workbooks (four workbooks in total). This bundle includes four series which have an adventure theme and cover a range of phonic knowledge and skills.

That Dog!

Ben has always wanted a dog. One day a scruffy stray follows him home. Will he get to keep him? This 12 books series introduces adjacent consonants and consonant digraphs.

Book 1 - CVC, CVCC
Book 2 - CVCC
Book 3 - CVCC
Book 4 - CVCC and - ed
Book 5 - CCVCC
Book 6 - ch and tch

Book 7 - sh
Book 8 - th
Book 9 - ck and qu
Book 10 - ng
Book 11 - wh and -ing
Book 12 - le

The That Dog! workbook includes word-building, reading, spelling, punctuation and comprehension activities. 

Alba Series

Alba, the heroine, has been shrunk to 10cm tall by a corrupt scientist determined to own the last apple pip in the world. Join her in her adventures as she crosses the city to get the last pip safely to her Dad.

These books start at CVC level: 

Book 1: Lost - cvcc cvcc
Book 2: The Pan - cvc  cvcc  ccvc
Book 3: Alba Slips up - cvc  cvcc  ccvc  ccvcc
Book 4: Hot Chips for Lunch - sh  ch  th
Book 5: A Bit of Luck - ck  ng  qu  wh
Book 6: A Brave Escape - ai  ay  a-e a
Book 7: Apple Trees - ee  ea  e  y ey
Book 8: The Long Road Home - o-e  ow  oa  o
Book 9: Supper - er  ir  ur
Book 10: Howling Wind - ow  ou
Book 11: River Flight - igh  i-e  y  i
Book 12: The Truth - oo  ew  u-e  u

The Alba workbook is photocopiable and has activities for segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension.  


Erin is babysitting her baby brother, Jack. Danny, her best friend comes over to play a video game. In a moment of distraction disaster strikes! Can Erin rescue her baby brother? Can she save the day?

This series of 10 books introduces more alternative spellings for vowel sounds. Each title has 16 pages in full colour, with exciting and motivating stories and illustrations. The targeted phonemes in this series are 'ae', 'ee', 'oe', 'er', 'ow', 'oi', 'oo', 'ie', 'or', 'air' and 'ar'.
Book 1: A Great Holiday  -  ay, ai, a, a-e, ea, ey
Book 2: The Search Begins  -  ee, ea, y, e, ie, e-e, ei
Book 3: Rainbow  -  ow, oa, oe, o-e, o
Book 4: On with the Search  -  er, ir,ur, or, ear
Book 5: A Long Way Down  -  ow, ou, &, oi, oy
Book 6: A Gruesome Monster  -  oo, ue, u-e, ew, ou, u
Book 7: Time is Running Out  -  igh, ie, i-e, i, y
Book 8: An Aweful Planet  -  or, ore, a, aw, awe, au, ar, al, ough
Book 9: No Time to Spare  -  air, are, ear, ere, eir
Book 10: Dark Times  -  ar, a, al, au, ear

The Rescue workbook is photocopiable, and contains phoneme manipulation and comprehension activities for each story.

Titan's Gauntlets

Titan's Gauntlets is a set of ten imaginative stories with fantastic illustrations, which introduce further alternative vowel and consonant spellings and common Latin suffixes. This series offers increasingly challenging texts for children who are coming to grips with the complex spellings of English, and will stimulate and engage the older, struggling reader.
Book 1 -  An Unusal Discovery  -  u, ue, u-e
Book 2 - A Time for Courage  -  u, o, uo
Book 3 - Sceptre of Malice  -  ss, se, c, ce
Book 4 - The Coral Palace  -  l, ll, le, al
Book 5 - Strange Energy  -  j, g, ge
Book 6 - Phantoms of the Fog -  f, ff, ph
Book 7 - Unnatural Creatures -  ture
Book 8 - A Strange Location - tion
Book 9 - Artificial Heart  - tial, cial
Book 10 - Shattered Illusions -  sion

The Titan's Gauntlet's workbook contains photocopiable reading, spelling and comprehension activities for each of the stories.