Dandelion Initial Code Readers Bundle 1

Dandelion Initial Code Readers Bundle 1

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The SPELD Victoria Bookstore now offers an excellent range of classroom bundles which include multiple copies of each book in the series. These bundles are designed for use in classrooms for reading groups, intervention programs, or as take-home readers. These bundles make it easy for teachers to ensure that all students have access to high quality reading materials at the right level.

The Dandelion Initial Code books and associated resources, designed for pre-primary and year one students, are essential components of an effective structured phonics program. This bundle consists of four (4) sets of each unit (200 readers in total), along with one (1) of each corresponding, photocopiable workbook (4 workbooks in total). The workbook activities include follow up activities such as comprehension, spelling and writing to help maintain interest and variety. Instructions for every activity in the workbook appears at the bottom of each page to assist with lesson delivery. The bundle also includes one (1) 4-in-a-row Games resource book for Units 8-10 & 11-15, one (1) Book of Dictation, and one (1) Book of High Frequency Words.

The Dandelion Initial Code readers feature:

- Clear phonic sequences
- Practice of blending skills
- Minimal sight words
- Text on a cream background to make it reader friendly
- Motivating stories with appealing characters
- Imaginative illustrations
- A games page to encourage further reading practice

The Initial Code Phonic Sequence is:

Unit 1:  s a  t  i  m 
Unit 2:  n  o  p  
Unit 3:  b  c  g  h  
Unit 4:  d  e  f   v 
Unit 5:  k  l  r  u  
Unit 6:  j  w  z  
Unit 7:  x  y  ff  ll  ss  zz 
Unit 8:  VCC,  CVCC 
Unit 9:  CCVC 
Unit 10:  CCVCC
Unit 11:    ch
Unit 12:    sh
Unit 13:    th
Unit 14:    ck 
Unit 15:    ng
Unit 16:    qu + ve 
Unit 17:    wh + 2 syllables
Unit 18:     -ed 2 syllables
Unit 19:    -ing + 2 syllables 
Unit 20:    -le + 2 syllables