Dandelion Launchers Unit 4-7

Dandelion Launchers Unit 4-7

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Dandelion Launchers is a series of 60 books that introduce the sounds of the alphabet in simple, decodable books. Units 4-7 is a set of  16 books, consisting of 4 books per unit.  Each page has one line of text. This is an ideal reading resource for any phonics reading programme, especially used in conjunction with the Dandelion Readers Initial Phonic Code.

Each set contains 4 books which focus on a specific set of sounds and each has a reading game.

Phonic Sequence:

Unit 4 Ted  d e f v
Unit 4 The Fib  d e f v
Unit 4 Bob and the Cod  d e f v
Unit 4 Meg and Ted  d e f v
?Unit 5 Ken, the Rat  k l r u
Unit 5 Kim, the Bug  k l r u
Unit 5 Mud  k l r u
Unit 5 The Bus  k l r u
Unit 6 Viv Can Run j w z
Unit 6 Jim and Jam  j w z
Unit 6 Ken Gets Wet  j w z
Unit 6 Zog j w z
Unit 7 Rex Yells  x y ff ll ss zz
Unit 7 Rex Will Not Sit  x y ff ll ss zz
?Unit 7 Bob on the Sill  x y ff ll ss zz
?Unit 7 The Hill  x y ff ll ss zz

The Dandelion Launchers Units 4-7 Workbook is a valuable teaching companion to the Dandelion Launchers Unit 4-7 Series and can be purchased separately. The workbook completes your set with practical activities relating to the Dandelion Launchers books. It is photocopiable and has activities focused on letter formation, blending and segmenting skills and first comprehension exercises.