Magic Belt Series

Magic Belt Series

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The Magic Belt Series includes 12 quest stories for the older 'catch-up' pupils who would benefit from starting a phonics programme from the beginning. Action-packed with fantastic illustrations and age-appropriate stories, the series starts at CVC/CVCC level text. It then builds up reading skills in step-by-step phonic progression, allowing practice and consolidation at each level. Designed to appeal to and engage older pupils, this is a great reading resource for older, beginner readers.

The Magic Belt series precedes and builds towards the Totem and Alba Series.

Book 1: The Man in the Mist - CVC, CVCC
Book 2: The Old Lamp - CVCC
Book 3: 'Help Us!' - CVCC
Book 4: The Clam - CCVC, -ed
Book 5: Crabs! - CCVCC
Book 6: Crunch! - ch, tch
Book 7: Hush! - sh
Book 8: The Sixth Rock - th
Book 9: Golem of the Rocks - ck, qu
Book 10: Dung! - ng
Book 11: The Spitting Pot - wh, -ing
Book 12: The Simple Plot - le


The Magic Belt Workbookis a valuable teaching companion to the Magic Belt Series and can be purchased separately. The workbook will complete your set with practical activities relating to the Magic Belt Series books. It is photocopiable and has activities for segmenting, blending, phoneme manipulation and comprehension.The workbook offers a variety of activities which develop reading CVCC, CCV and CCVC level texts and then introduces ch, sh, th, ck, ng, and wh digraphs. It also includes the spelling <le> and the suffixes -ed and -ing. The workbook then offers further activities which develop comprehension, reading fluency, spelling and writing.