Moon Dogs Series - Set 2

Moon Dogs Series - Set 2

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The Moon Dog series is a catch up phonic reading series for older, struggling readers who would benefit from starting at the very beginning. It is aimed at older pupils and adults who are struggling with reading in mainstream and special needs settings. Two sets of 8 blocks include short decodable texts which follow step-by-step phonic progression. Contemporary age appropriate illustrations combined with fun stories to engage the older reader while the phonic structure ensures reading success.

Set 2 begins with text at CVC level and goes on to introduce adjacent constants and the consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ck, ng, qu and wh. It consists of 8 books:

Book 1: Hot Sun - CVC
Book 2: The Old Lamp - VCC, CVCC
Book 3: The Glum Cat - CCVC
Book 4: Jed Swims - CCVCC
Book 5: Chips for Lunch - ch
Book 6: A Wish - sh
Book 7: The Thing on the Path - th ng
Book 8: Drum Sticks - ck qu

The Moon Dog workbook can be purchase separately and it contains photocopiable activities including word building, reading, spelling, comprehension and more.