Phonic Stories For Older Learners

Phonic Stories For Older Learners

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This is a book of decodable stories and accompanying worksheets suitable for older learners. All the resources are photo-copiable.

There is an abundance of phonics resources for young children but often the content and tone of the text is unsuitable for older learners. This book provides stories more suitable for older children, adults and ESOL learners.

The phonic progression is that presented in the Sounds-Write programme, but the stories would be useful for any teacher who is introducing phonics to their learners in a structured sequence.

Section One correlates to the Initial Code of the Sounds-Write programme and to Phases 2, 3, and 4 of Letters and Sounds. This section contains stories which introduce the English alphabet code in its simplest form; single-letter sounds and consonant digraphs within CVC words in the initial stages. The level of difficulty increases gradually to include 4 and 5 sound words, such as CCCVC. 

Section Two correlates to the Extended Code of the Sounds-Write programme and Phases 3 and 5 of Letters and Sounds. This section contains stories that focus on the main vowel phonemes in our language. There are two levels to this section. Level 1 are simpler stories containing a limited number of graphemes representing the target sound. Level 2 are more complex stories and contain more ways of spelling that sound. 

Suitable polysyllabic work is included in each section. 

Frances Woodward is the founder of "Forward with Phonics".

She has specialised in the teaching of reading, using synthetic phonics, for the past thirteen years and has achieved successful outcomes with learners of all ages, from five to seventy-five!

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