Sounds-Write Readers For Older Learners - Battle Cries!

Sounds-Write Readers For Older Learners - Battle Cries!

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The Battle Cries comic book series is based on a brilliantly conceived idea by author Jaspre Bark to help foster and improve literacy in older children and young adults by helping them to read with greater fluency and, at the same time, enjoy a series of six thrilling adventures.

Battle Cries has been written to focus attention on sounds and the conventional ways in which we spell those sounds. Each book focuses on a particular sound and is deliberately contrived to contain multiple spellings of the sound. Pupils reading the books are made explicitly aware of the fact that the sounds in English can be represented by conventionally agreed spellings. In so doing, they learn the multiple ways of spelling sounds and learn to apply this knowledge to anything they read.

The sounds and their spellings concentrated on in this series are:

Book 1 - Caves of Danger: /ae/, as is the word ‘play’1
Book 2 - Peak of Fear: /ee/, as in the word ‘seat’
Book 3 - Stone Cold Shadows: /oe/, as on the word ‘go’
Book 4 - Burning World of Words: /er/, as in the word ‘girl’

Book 5 - Shout for Power: /ow/, as in the word ‘shout’
Book 6 - Pursue the Truth: /oo/ as in the word ‘moon’.