Talisman Series 2

Talisman Series 2

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The Talisman 2 series covers the more complex spelling patterns that have not yet been covered in the Dandelion Series. The mystical stories have been set out in a way that will engage children between the ages of 8 - 14 and are designed to appeal to older, reluctant readers. This series is ideal for pupils who need to revise spellings introduced in the Titan's Gauntlets Series but include more spellings for the sounds and suffixes. 

The books in this series are:

Book 1:  Reunited - u-e, ue, ew, u
Book 2:  Trouble in the Woods - 'u'; ou, o, u, 'o': a, o, ou
Book 3:  Certain Death - s, ss, c, ce,se, sc, st
Book 4:  The Fossil - l, ll,le, il, al, ol, el
Book 5:  Legends of the Gorge - j, g, ge, dge, dj
Book 6:  The Sphinx - f, ff, gh, ph
Book 7:  Sticky Adventure - ture
Book 8:  Dangerous Direction - tion, ssion, tian, sion, cian
Book 9:  Zak Tries Martial Arts - cial, tial, tious, cious, ious
Book 10: The Dark Monter's Vision - sion

Talisman 2 Series workbook can be purchased separately and contains photocopiable reading, spelling and comprehension activities for each of the stories. The workbook offers practice and consolidation which a pupil will need in order to remember, internalise and utilise what they have learned successfully.