That Dog!

That Dog!

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Ben has always wanted a dog. One day a scruffy stray follows him home. Will he get to keep him?

That Dog! 12-book Series is aimed at pupils who can read a simple text at CVC level. The series follows the same phonic sequence as Magic Belt Series and can be used in parallel. Introduces adjacent Consonants and consonant digraphs. 

Book 1 - The Ramp - CVC, CVCC
Book 2 - Get Lost! - CVCC
Book 3 - No Dogs! - CVCC
Book 4 - Drop it! - CVCC and - ed
Book 5 - Ben Gets Strict - CCVCC
Book 6 - Lunch in the Den - ch and tch
Book 7 - Fishing - sh
Book 8 - Cherished Things - th
Book 9 - Good and Bad Luck - ck and qu
Book 10 - The Long, Bin Boat - ng
Book 11 - Shopping for Props - wh and -ing
Book 12 - Dog in Trouble - le

A workbook for this series can be purchased separately. The workbook offers a variety of activities which develop reading CVCC, CCV, and CCVC level texts and then introduces ch, sh, th, ck, ng, and wh digraphs. It also includes the spelling <le> and the suffixes -ed and -ing. The workbook also offers further activities which develop comprehension, reading fluency, spelling and writing.